KTY & possible Alternatives

KTY are silicon-based temperature sensors with an approximately linear characteristic curve. They are long-term stable and a cost-effective solution for temperature measurement up to 150°C. Our PTC-600 and PTC-1000 are alternatives to KTY83 and KTY84.

NTC Thermistors

One of many uses of our NTC thermistors is the measurement of temperatures. They are available in THT and SMD designs, have a wide temperature range of

-55°C...+350°C and tolerances of ±0.5%...±15% or ±0.1K...±0.5K.

TGM NTC Thermistor Heißleiter TTC03 NTC Thermistor Heißleiter INT NTC Thermistor Heißleiter  TSM-C NTC Thermistor SMD Heißleiter TTF NTC Thermistor Folie Heißleiter DHT NTC Thermistor Diode TTC05 NTC Thermistor Heißleiter TTS NTC Thermistor KTY82 Serie KTY84 Ersatz Alternative KTY81 & KTY82

Temperature Sensors

Platinum RTDs

Thanks to standardized nominal values, a temperature range of

-200°C...+800°C and a nearly linear characteristic curve, platinum chip temperature sensors are ideal for sensor construction. Smallest designs and high accuracies characterize these sensor elements.

NTC thermistors KTY sensors and alternatives Platinum-chip-temperature-sensors

Temperature Sensors

Alpha Therm sensors include a wide range of standard solutions. Together with you we optimise these standard solutions for your application.

Temperature sensors

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