Thermal Fuses

Thermal fuses or even temperature fuses are used for the safe and one-off disconnection of circuits when the permissible operating temperature is exceeded.
The different designs of our thermal fuses provide flexible applications in electronic and electro technical applications.
The possible shutdown temperature range begins at 50°C and ends at 257°C.
The maximum current load varies between 1A and 200A depending on type, at voltages of
DC 450V to AC 800V. Frequent applications are in transformers, power supplies, heating elements, electric motors, solenoid valves, fans, flow heaters, ballasts, alarm systems, electronic circuits, power transistors and many more.

Radial Shape

  • Up to AC 400V and DC 120V
  • Current up to 30A
  • 76°C to 230°C
  • Plastic or Ceramic Case
  • Lead wires can be customized
  • Lead wires can be insulated

Axial Shape

  • Up to AC 250V or DC 60V
  • Current up to 25A
  • 66°C to 257°C
  • Ceramic of Metal Case
  • Lead wires can be customized
  • Lead wires can be insulated
  • Other temperatures can be customized
  • Taping packaging available

Special Shapes

  • Up to AC 800V or DC 450V
  • Current up to 200A
  • Plastic or Ceramic Case
  • Lead wires can be customized
  • Other temperatures can be customized
  • Approvals are possible
Temperatursicherung radialthermal fuses axialthermal fuses radial

TAMURA Thermal Links

  • Up to AC 250V and DC 50V
  • Current from 1A...10A
  • 65°C...145°C
  • Plastic or Ceramic Case
Temperatursicherung radialTAMURA Thermal Linksthermal fuses special

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