Temperature Controllers

Bimetallic Thermostats

More than 10,000,000 mechanical switching cycles, tight tolerances coupled with small hysteresis are just a few of the strengths of the compact MATSUO bimetallic temperature controllers, which eliminate the need for complex control electronics

Adjustable Bimetal Thermostat

The Adjustable Bimetal Thermostats from Alpha Therm can be used in an ambient temperature range of -45°C to +250°C, with a control range of 60K ... 225K, which can be freely selected to customer specifications. They achieve ≥100,000 switching cycles.

Temp. & Humidity Controllers

Alpha Therm offers a wide range of electronic temperature controllers. In addition, you will find humidistat, and combination units for humidity and temperature. For many models, the corresponding sensors are included in the price.

Elektronischer Temperaturregler Temperatur- & Feuchteregler FOX-300-2S / FOX-300A / FOX-300AR Einstallbarer Bimetalltemperaturregler Adjustable bimetal thermostats Electronic controllers Temperature power sensors

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