Surge Protection

Gas Discharge Tubes

Surge arresters react more slowly than varistors or suppressor diodes, but can dissipate high pulse energies. They are sturdy and with proper sizing they have a very long life. At rest, the internal resistance is a few Gigaohm.

Suppressor Diodes

Suppressor diodes are primarily used to protect sensitive devices from time-limited overvoltages, such as ESD events. They do not cause a voltage dip and are still ready for recharging after the response without a power interruption.


Metal oxide varistors have a very high resistance in the normal state. In case of overvoltage, the MOV responds within nanoseconds and conducts it. They are used for the protection of electronic circuits as well as in power engineering.

Gasableiter Metalloxid-Varistoren Metalloxid-Varistoren Metalloxid-Varistoren Überspannungsableiter

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