Resettable Fuses

The PPTCs are known under the trade names PolySwitch or Multifuse. Here PPTC stands for the English name Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient. PPTCs are the perfect solution for the demanding circuit protection.

If the maximum allowed power is exceeded, the PPTC and a high impedance, whereby the flow is throttled under the normal current heats. After cooling the polymer PTC, it falls back into its original state. Their properties polymer PTCs are an inexpensive solution for short circuit protection and overload protection.

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Technical Basics Polymer PTC

in SMD design (Low Rho)

  • Cold resistance is much lower than industrial standard
  • Operating current: 0,25A...6A
  • Max. voltage: 6...9VDC
  • Max. current: 100A
  • Temperature range:

radial leaded wires

  • Operating current: 0,05A...14A
  • Max. voltage: 16...600VDC
  • Max. current: 1A...100A
  • Temperature range:

in SMD design

  • Operating current: 0,01A...3A
  • Max. voltage: 6...60VDC
  • Max. current: 10A...100A
  • Temperature range:

axial leaded wires

  • Operating current: 0,7A ~ 7,3A
  • Max. voltage: 12 ~ 30VDC
  • Max. current: 100A
  • Temperature range:
Polymer PTC radiale AnschluessePolymer PTC SMD BauformPolymer PTC axiale AnschluessePolymer PTC SMD Bauform (Low Rho)Polymer PTC radial leadedPolymer PTC SMD typesPolymer PTC axial leadedPolymer PTC SMD types (Low Rho)

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