NTC Inrush Current Limiter

If circuits consist of capacitor, bulb filament, heater, or inverter for fluorescent lamp, they will produce a inrush current (10~100 times greater than a normal operating current) at the moment of switch’s turn-on. Zero-power resistance of NTC thermistor limits the inrush current during initial turn-on, and then heats up the thermistor following continuous flow of current. The thermistors resistance is reduced to a very low level and allows operating current to flow during normal operation.

SCK Series

  • Inrush current limiting
  • R25: 0,7Ω...120Ω
  • Ø5mm...Ø30mm
  • Capacity at AC 240V

    Data sheet on request
NTC Einschaltstrombegrenzer SCK Serie

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